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Handmade products with an African flair.

Handmade Sewn Items with an African Flair

Hi there, and thank you for visiting my website.

All the products I sell are handmade items made by myself and my community. We mostly sell sewn products, but we have some special items like bird feeders.

I also take orders if you want me to make you something specific, help you repair something that has torn, or make one of my existing products with a slight change.

Be sure to come visit me at the EquiFox grounds in Kyalami.

Products I Make

All my products are handmade and I can take custom orders for any items, as well as make adjustments where needed. Please select the filter word at the top of the images to view all the items in that category.

Custom Orders

I am able to make almost any of my products to your specifications or make something specific that you need.

Some Orders I Have Made

Padded Dog Mats

I made custom padded mats (like a dog bed) for someone's dog. It became quite popular and I now sell them with my regular items. You can order them in any dimensions and with different kinds of padding.

Custom Dimensions Food Covers

I sell food covers that keep flies and insects off of food on tables. Some customers ask me to make them in specific sizes to fit their dining room tables. They are decorated with beautiful beadwork.

Foldable Water Bowls

Someone asked me if I could make water bowls for dogs out of a waterproof material so they can fold up the bowl and carry it with them when they go hiking with their dogs. I can make them in any size needed.

Yoga Matt Bags

This is a bag that is long enough to fit your yoga mat and exercise clothes in. It also has a little bag on the side for your phone and keys if needed.

How to Place an Order

There are many ways you can place an order with me.

Some beadwork on the food covers.

Hi, I'm Scholastic

Working with my hands has been a hobby and passion of mine since I was a child.

In 2004 in Harare, Zimbabwe, I started wandering around the tailor shops collecting the pieces of scrap material and making small underwear and vests for little girls. I used the small profit from these sales to buy larger pieces of material which I used to make shorts for boys and school uniforms and aprons for girls.

In 2012 I came to South Africa working as a domestic worker. I used to repair clothes and other items for my employer and one day she gave me an old domestic sewing machine. I used this machine to make blankets which I sold in Zim.

In 2015 I met a lady who was doing something similar to what I am doing today. I worked with her doing all kinds of hand work like crocheting and knitting. During this time she taught me how to start my own small business and helped me with some of the sewing work as my machine at that time was too small.

In August 2017 Urban Life Church donated a ZOUD Kingstar sewing machine to my business, with another church member giving me a domestic overlocking machine.

Today I work to create beautiful items of high quality, continuously improving my products through my loyal customers’ feedback, who in supporting me is allowing me to pursue my lifelong passion.

Thank you to you all!

What People Say About My Products

Here is some of the feedback I have received from my clients.

New Product Feedback

I often introduce new products into my collection.

When I make new products I ask people to

give me feedback

on these items so I can


them continuously.

If you want to give feedback on a new product, or any of my items that you have bought, please send me a message on Whatsapp (062 050-3064) or fill in this little form so I can be sure to make only the best items.

Get In Touch

I would love for you to come visit us at EquiFox, but until then you can reach me by:

Where You Can Find Me

The kind people at EquiFox in Kyalami have given me space to display my goods. Find me there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays

There are also great horse shops here, as well as a nice outdoor cafe called gg’s cafe. Dogs are also welcome. Be sure to drop in and say “Hi”.